The Drakes is a group of butches, transmen and masculine-identified people who joined together in the spirit of masculine solidarity in early 2012.


Our aims are to promote female masculinity and butch pride. We get together regularly to socialise and strut our stuff on the queer scene. We run our own parties and strive to create a welcoming and intimate atmosphere. We are involved in a number of creative projects.





Vital Xposure is a touring theatre company operating under the creative leadership of disabled artist Julie McNamara. The company promotes hidden voices with extraordinary stories to tell.


Our mission is to create exciting, innovative theatrical experiences for audiences, artists and communities alike. All work presents an inclusive experience where access issues do not intrude upon the aesthetic of the productions.




[hotpencil> press is an independent not-for-profit UK publishing house founded in 2010 by Laura Bridgeman and Serge Nicholson to promote high-quality, unique, contemporary, and re-visited works largely ignored by the mainstream.


Sometimes our publications are self-generated, and at other times independent writers and artists approach us.


We encourage work that is challenging, fresh and tells new stories.


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